Most of the tunnels along the Lhasa-Nyingchi section of the Sich 亚博国际手机版登录夜网品茶微信uan-Tibet Railway have been completed, railway authorities said over the weekend. The Bukamu Tunnel, one of the longest tunnels on the railway linking Lha亚博国际手机版登录夜网 sa and Nyingchi in Southwest China’s Tibet autonomous region, was completed on Fr iday. With its completion, 96 percent of the tunnels on the Lhasa-Nyingchi section of the railway are finished.亚博国际手机版登录夜网 The 9,240-meter Bukamu Tunnel is located in Manling county of the reg ion’s eastern Nyingchi city. According to the China Railway 17th Bureau Group, and it is also the 37th tunnel to be completed for this section, leaving 10Read More →

mic conditions, solid job gains and moderately rising economic activity, though so 亚博国际手机版登录夜网ft business investment-did not necessarily warrant a rate cut (the decision was not unanimous). What mo tivated Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s decision may well have been the muted inflation pressures and par 亚博国际手机版登录夜网品茶微信ticularly global growth concerns, which the White House has undermined since the onset of its tariff wars in spring 2018. Interestingly, the Fed cut did not cause a rally; it stumped the market. S&P 500 dropped almost亚博国际手机版登录夜网 2 percent and 10-year Treasury yields to about 2 percent. The Fed’s interest cut does not imply a start of a new r 亚博国际手机版登录夜网ateRead More →

n the first half of 2019, a total of 6.86 million used cars 亚博国际手机版登录夜网were sold across China, up 3.9 percent year-on-year. Overall sales hit 43.4 billio n yuan, according to the latest data from the China Automobile Dealers Association.亚博国际手机版登录夜网品茶微信 Luo Lei, deputy secretary-general of the China Automobile Dealers Association, said earlier that the booming market is tha nks to the central government’s decision to remove limits on the flow of used vehicles across regions. 亚博国际手机版登录夜网Since last year, China has ramped up efforts to scrap limits on cross-region flow of used cars, as part of the country’s broader push to make the automobile industry globally competitive.Read More →

Dutch lighting specialist helps advance smart city initiative with lower energy use and reduced operating costs Ahead of the inaugural China International Import Expo亚博国际手机版登录夜网 last year, the Bund, Shanghai’s famous waterfront, was given a dramatic face-lift when it was illum 亚博国际手机版登录夜网女神会所inated along with three bridges and more than 40 buildings in the financial and tourist districts. Dutch lighting specialist Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting, was responsible for the illumination. The com pany said it is the largest, single, architectural lighting project in Signify’s 127-year history and illustrates the co亚博国际手机版登录夜网 mpany’s leadership in unlocking the potential of connected lighting to transform cities. “The upgraded lightingRead More →

?a loyal military strategist against the backdrop of the Warring States Period (475-221 BC), in Shan ghai in 1943, and it achieved great success. However, after the premiere, poor health meant that Y亚博国际手机版登录夜网女神会所 ang Baosen couldn’t perform the full-length piece again. Today, audiences rarely have the chance to enjoy it in all its glory. 亚博国际手机版登录夜网”One of Yang Baosen’s greatest achievements as a Peking Opera master was that he promote d and transformed the performing style, especially that of the singing, of laosheng roles,” says 74-ye亚博国际手机版登录夜网女神会所 ar-old Peking Opera master Yang Naipeng, who studied with Yang Baozhong in Tianjin in 1958. “There are ove 亚博国际手机版登录夜网r 100Read More →

port Hainan in developing the whole island into a pilot free trade zone, the 12th and the largest in the country, to gradually explore and steadily promote the establishment of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics. The Haikou Jiangdong New District covers 298 square kilometers o n the east coast of Haikou, and will have two parts: a 106-sq-km ecological region boasting a key n ational wetland natural reserve, and a 192-sq-km area that will serve both industrial and urban purposes. The provincial government said Haikou should pay great attenti on to ensure that environmental quality is advanced in an all-round way while developingRead More →

na will adhere to the principle of fair and free trade in its management of rare-earth ex ports, but “the Chinese people will be unhappy” if the country’s exported rare-earth metals are used against China. Since the start of the China-US trade friction more than a year ago, Washington has taken many measures, includin g taking advantage of its edge in high-end chip making, to stymie Chinese high-tech firms, the NDRC said. The NDRC added that in its latest move to dampen China’s industrial development, the US governme nt has used an executive order to effectively ban products of Chinese tech giant Huawei from beingRead More →

?because of multiple measures, including improved legislation, intensified law enforcement and more international coopera tion, according to the Report on the Latest Development in IPR Protection and Business Environment in China. Law enforcement authorities in China handled 215,000 cases involvin g counterfeit products last year, including 77,000 cases involving patent infr ingement, said Gan Lin, vice-minister of the State Administration for Market Regulation. Courts across China concluded nearly 320,000 IPR cases of various type s last year, an increase of 41.6 percent over the prev ious year. More than 5,600 criminal suspects involved in IPR infringement were arrested last year, Jin said. gzbbcn.comRead More →

ugh criticized by much of the West, and the US in particular-could bring dramatic improvements in physical and digital connectivity to Central Asia and parts of Africa. Further advances in critical infrastructure will create important growth opportunities for developing countries via e-commerce, mobile paym ents, and related financial services. The experience of China suggests that these digital platforms, and the ecosy stems that develop around them, are powerful engines for incremental, highly inclusive growth. China, of course, is a very large, homogenous market. If smaller, lower-income developing countries are to bene fit from equally rapid inclusive growth, the digital platforms will have to be regionalRead More →

Improved earnings of companies listed on mainland bourses during the first quarter of the year augur well for the full-ye ar financial results and are an indication of the vitality the Chinese economy, analysts said. During the January to March period, aggregate profits of A-share compan ies topped 1 trillion yuan ($147.6 billion) and grew 9.4 percent year-on-year, reversing a fu ll-year decline of 1.9 percent last year, data from Shanghai-based information provider Wind Info showed. Meanwhile, aggregate return on equity (ROE)-a major gauge of profitability-stood at 9.8 percent, intact from the whole-year of 2018. “Given that the downtrend in economic growth had largely easedRead More →