Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) plate before Friday fell by more than 7%.The Wall Street j ournal reported earlier, tesla will cut 7% of full-time staff, to reduce operating costs.   , tesla CEO Elon Musk, (Elon Musk) to employees, said the job cuts in order to reduce the Mode l 3 cost and promote efficiency.Model 3 is tesla collection models for the general public.   According to the Wall Street journal reported that musk said in a memo to staff “in the next few months, tesla will need to increase production of Model3 cutting at the same time, and make a number of improvements are manufacturing process.”   ”ImproveRead More →

Spring Festival is approaching. Recently, an online video has attracted much attention. The video was recorded in the passenger corridor of the train. Some people built temporary “beds” with quilts, blankets and other things. Two women were lying in the “beds” to rest. The forwarder suggested “friends who buy tickets learn”. After the popularity of the videos, some people raised the idea that “we can try it when we get home this spring”. Others questioned the loca tion and time of the videos. “Is it deliberately shooting”. They asked whether the operation in the videos was feasible or illegal. On Jan. 8, the publisher toldRead More →

Mr. Kumar was the first avowed atheist I ever met. Idiscovered this not in the classroom but at the zoo. He was aregular visitor who read the labels and descriptive notices intheir entirety and approved of every animal he saw. Each tohim was a triumph of logic and mechanics, and nature as awhole was an exceptionally fine illustration of science. To hisears, when an animal felt the urge to mate, it said “GregorMendel”, recalling the father of genetics, and when it was timeto show its mettle, “Charles Darwin”, the father of naturalselection, and what we took to be bleating, grunting, hissing,snorting, roaring, growling, howling, chirpingRead More →

Mao is not easy from the “Son of Tomorrow” this program has been very popular, with “People like me” popularity has increased greatly! From each of his songs, people can deeply feel his sincerity in music creation. When listening to his songs, people always have a special sense of artistic conception. This powerful singer, talent is not only a great close-up of him, but also his shy character is a very important factor for people to remember him! Now there is a place in the entertainment circle, and it is often invited to participate in some variety shows! In the latest variety show “Dear Inn”,Read More →

On the evening of December 15, at the junction of Xinting East Road and Tianyin Avenue in Jiangning, Nanjing, Mr. Li, a citizen, met with a very frightening event. After drinking that evening, he used a travel software to call Master Liu, who was sitting in the back seat of a fast-moving car, and suddenly found out in horror that the car was “driverless” – the driver was in abnormal condition without any reaction. The owner, Mr. Li, was so frightened that he braked from behind and stopped the car in time. After getting off the bus, Mr. Li was shocked to find that theRead More →