one-stop” digitalization solution for Chinese exporters, helping sellers with matchm aking, branding, payment and escrow services, logistics and the cross-border supply chain.亚博国际手机版登录楼凤女神会所 Under the initiative, sellers can leverage Alibaba’s extensive database to wo 亚博国际手机版登录楼凤rk out the latest market trends and customize products for overseas buyers. The one-st op shop also allows for interactive visual shopping online through mobile devices. Ant Financial, Alibaba’s financial arm, supports transactions in 22 currencies and can set亚博国际手机版登录楼凤 le local payment in 56 economies, said Cheng Li, chief operating officer of Ant’s international business. is also seeking to launch a special digital zone featuring Yiwu, China’s hub for亚博国际手机版登录楼凤女神会所 exports ofRead More →

arter, which represented the 14th consecutive quarter in the 6.4 percent to 6.8 percent range. The country added 4.59 million urban jobs in the first four months, with total imports an d exports up by 4.3 percent year-on-year and its foreign exchange reserves remaining above $3 trillion. Xi said there will be ample factors to reinf orce the steady, healthy and sustainable growth of the Chinese economy. The president called the country’s large pool of resources a prima ry factor. China has a population of nearly 1.4 billion, a 900-million-strong workforce, the w orld’s largest middle-income population and over 100 million market entities. www.pbtxa.cnRead More →

More than 90 percent of vehicles on expressways in China should be able to use the electronic toll collection (ETC) system by year-end, according to the Na tional Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Transport. The move is part of an effort to reach the goal of essentially re moving all tollgates in two years, as laid out in the Gov ernment Work Report in March. The brick-and-mortar tollgates will finally be rep laced with the virtual ETC system, partly to reduce emissions and logistics costs. In an action plan released on Tuesday, the commission and ministry outlined a timetable for establishing theRead More →

Haase first became interested in Chinese medicine when he was in Canada. After graduating from high sc hool, he entered the Oshio College of Acupuncture & Herbology in Victoria. Haase’s teacher then was from Hunan. “His medical skills are brilliant, but he is modest too. This g ave me a very good first impression of China and Chinese medicine,” Haase said. “He taught us a lot of interesting things about Hunan, like the great herbalist doctor Zhang Zhongjing. He also told me tha t if I want to really understand Chinese medicine, I must go to China where it originated, so I came to Hunan.”Read More →

30n Monday, the Chinese government warned students to be aware of po ssible visa restrictions or even rejection if they want to study in the United States. For a period of time, some Chinese who want to pursue their studies in the US have encounte red visa problems, including a longer waiting time for visas to be issued, a shortened term of visa va lidity and a rising rate of visa applications being rejected, according to the Ministry of Education. Such problems are exerting negative influence on Chinese w ho plan to study or are studying in the US, the ministry added. The ministry suggestedRead More →

oqiang gives visitors a glimpse of modern Chinese art. Created specially for this exhibition, hig hlight pieces include the monumental installation of 10,000 suspended porcelain birds. Spiraling over visitors’ heads, the birds create a three-dimensional impression of a calligraphic drawing o f the sacred Mount Lishan, the site of the ancient tomb of China’s first emperor, Qin Shihuang, and his warriors. Cheng Jingye, Chinese ambassador to Australia, said at the preview ceremony that the exhib tion represents another highlight in this year’s China-Australia cultural-and-arts exchange. “I know that the Terracotta Warriors are very familiar with the journey to Australia,” he says. “In 1982, to celebrateRead More →

l level. Because in that fashion, by building these relationsh ips now, hopefully we get a more stable relationship nationally going forward China’s National Supercomputing Center in the South China ci ty of Shenzhen on Friday launched a testbed for artificial intelligence experiments. The AI testbed, named Tai, provides the basic environment of AI chi ps and systems for the research, development and application tests of AI inventions. Tai is capable of dealing with large-scale and complex scenarios. Scientists have built an EB-level intelligent data management and analysis system for high-energy physics, as well as si mulation of AI scenarios in real business situations andRead More →

German carmaker Mercedes-Benz will recall 44,900 automobiles in China due to a tyre problem, according to China’s market regulator. The recall, starting from Oct 25, was filed by Mercedes-Be nz (China) Automotive Sales Co. and Beijing Benz Automo tive Co. It involves its imported and parts of domestically-produced cars manuf actured between April 20, 2016 and May 4, 2019, according to the State Administration for Market Regulation. In the process of driving, the defective tyres may bulge due to external forces, causing safety risks. The company said it would replace the defective parts free of charge. shlfaaa.comRead More →

cers in China,” said Zhi, who is also a professor specializing in ? lung diseases at Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University, in Beijing. In the capital, the percentage of smokers decreased to 22.3 percent from 23.4 percent in 2014-a decrease of 200,000 smo kers over the past five years-Beijing Municipal Health Commission said on Thursday. Following the adoption of a revised tobacco control regulation in June, 2015, which bans smoking in all indoor public space s and workplaces, legal violations involving smoking in public places such as hospitals and restaurants in Beijing ha ve significantly decreased, Gao Xiaojun, spokesman of the commission, said at aRead More →

?the impending oil crisis and the rising threat of the Islamic State group. China and India are the world ‘s largest and second-largest importers of oil and also the second-and fourth-largest buyers of liqu efied natural gas. As such, energy imports are critical to their development. The US’ attempts at regime change in Ira n and Venezuela-the world’s third-and fourth-largest oil suppliers-by imposing stifling sanctions accompanied by a m ilitary buildup in the Gulf have raised the specter of the potential closure of the Strait of Hormuz. China and India have revived their 2005 proposal and formed a “joint w orking group on energy” toRead More →