Namuundari, a 26-year-old Mongolian woman, is working hard to translate the Chinese TV dra ma “Stay With Me” in the studio of a Khalkha Mongolian language dubbing center here for Chinese films and TV dramas.亚博国际手机版登录后花园 She quietly read the Chinese lines and translated them into Mongolian. 亚博国际手机版登录后花园品茶微信”I have participated in the translation of 24 Chinese TV series and I feel proud,” she sai d, adding that many of her friends had closer contact with China through the plays she dubbed. Namuundari has been studying Chinese since age six. She returned to her hometown Ulan Bator亚博国际手机版登录后花园 as a Chinese-Mongolian translator after graduation from China’s Beijing InternationalRead More →

Despite having six books of his paintings published, he regards himself first and foremost as an architect. These past ye ars of painting have been his own way of researching the relationship between people and space.亚博国际手机版登录后花园女神会所 “I have a clear goal in my painting, which is to ponder the relationship between humans and nature, between human activ 亚博国际手机版登录后花园ities and space… and to address the professional topics of architectural design that I am interested in,” Zeng says. Born in 1982, Zeng grew up in the small city of Yongzhou, Hunan province. Possessing a delic ate constitution as a child, Zeng spent much of his youth sittingRead More →

t just invaluable repositories of Buddhist art, the artifacts also illuminate the historical and cultural interactions a 亚博国际手机版登录后花园女神会所mong the world’s civilizations. They were created amid some of the most open periods in Chinese history,” Zhang said. Building on the conservation support it received from the United States, France and other countries starting in the 1980s, the academy has since extended its rese亚博国际手机版登录后花园 arch work to other developing areas, Zhang said. Zhang himself led a multidisciplinary research trip to the Ba miyan Buddhist statues site in Afghanistan last year. The Taliban turned the statu 亚博国际手机版登录后花园女神会所es into rubble in 2001 and the international community has been discussingRead More →

However, STI development is an arduous process, and the US has grow 亚博国际手机版登录后花园n increasingly anxious that its lead is being eroded,” Hu said. “So instead of staying a head via continued innovation, it has turned protectionist toward China and other developing countries and used u nconventional means, from tariffs to travel restrictions, in the h女神会所ope of keeping them behind.”亚博国际手机版登录后花园 At the same time, the US was plagued by many domestic issues, ranging 亚博国际手机版登录后花园from growing social inequality to rising corporate influence, and ordinary US people, notably those from Midwestern states, felt disenfranchised by globalization and technological progress b ecause “the fruits of these trends have beenRead More →

communication Union, said China is a pioneer in reducing the digital divide, with a strong input of resources ?亚博国际手机版登录后花园to ensure that more people can access fast, affordable mobile communication and broadband network services. After the conclusion of an important meeting of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, the participants said Chi na seeks to make its fiscal policy more effective and maintain “reasonably ample” liquidity. And instead of resorting to a sti?亚博国际手机版登录后花园品茶微信 mulus in the real estate market, China will lay emphasis on “proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy”. It is a challenging balancing act, but the right stance at the right time.Read More →

Zhang said the group also has more job opportunities thanks to better legal protections, more policy support and training programs. 亚博国际手机版登录后花园More than 80 laws and 50 administrative regulations have been passed concerning the prot ection of the rights and interests of people with disabilities, according to the white paper. A number of policies, including tax breaks, have been rolled out to encourage employers to hire disabled workers, it said.亚博国际手机版登录后花园品茶微信 Profits of China’s major industrial firms fell 2.4 percent year on year in the first half 亚博国际手机版登录后花园of 2019, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed Saturday. The decline quickened slightly from a fall ofRead More →

ve enjoyed the fastest economic growth in China recent years, the report said, especially Guizhou province and Ch 亚博国际手机版登录后花园亚博国际手机版登录后花园ongqing in the upstream, and Jiangxi, Anhui, Hubei and Hunan provinces in the middle stream. South China’s Guangdong province enjoyed year-on-year foreign trade growth of 1.3 perce亚博国际手机版登录后花园 nt, thanks to the big increase of the import and export volume with the European Union and the Asso 亚博国际手机版登录后花园亚博国际手机版登录后花园ciation of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in the first half of the year, Guangdong customs said on Tuesday. Guangdong’s foreign trade with the European Union witnessed year-on-year grow亚博国际手机版登录后花园亚博国际手机版登录后花园 th of 13.3 percent to hit 410.67 billion yuan (about $60 billion) inRead More →

o portray himself as a strong leader who brooks no nonsense so his ruling Liberal Democratic Pa rty, along with its coalition partner Komeito, can win two-thirds of the seats in the upper house election on S?亚博国际手机版登录后花园女神会所 unday. To some extent, Japan also intends to show the United States that it will respond aggressively to any moves it con ?亚博国际手机版登录后花园女神会所siders harmful to the country, so that the US stops coercing Japan to compromise its economic interests. Yet in so doing Tokyo has adopted the US’ unilateral strategy of using economic sanctions to resolve non-economic issues. This will harm the RO?亚博国际手机版登录后花园 K as Japan expects, butRead More →

?Thiel is seeking to leverage the annoyance of the US Department of Defense and hawk s in the administration that Google has withdrawn from some US defense projects after a backlash from its employees.亚博国际手机版登录后花园品茶微信 Google was targeted with similar accusations in March, when General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Sta 亚博国际手机版登录后花园ff, expressed such unfounded concerns about Google in a congressional hearing. Google has repeatedly denied any relations with the Chinese government or the Chinese military. In response to the latest charges, Riva Sciuto, a spokeswoman for Google, said: “As we have said before, we do not work wit亚博国际手机版登录后花园 h the Chinese military.Read More →

China has added 46 new majors to the catalog of secondary vocational schools to better ser ve the country’s economic and social development, according to the Ministry of Education (MOE).亚博国际手机版登录后花园 Among the newly-added majors are rural drinking water supply engineering technology, new ener 亚博国际手机版登录后花园品茶微信gy vehicle maintenance, unmanned aerial vehicle control and maintenance, online marketing and intelligent old-age service. The setting of secondary vocational majors should aim to improve quality and efficiency of economic growth, build China into a manufacturer of quality and promote the Belt and Road as well as the Internet Plus initiatives, the MOE said in a statement.亚博国际手机版登录后花园 henzhen National High-Tech Zone plansRead More →