Namuundari, a 26-year-old Mongolian woman, is working hard to translate the Chinese TV dra ma “Stay With Me” in the studio of a Khalkha Mongolian language dubbing center here for Chinese films and TV dramas.亚博国际手机版登录后花园 She quietly read the Chinese lines and translated them into Mongolian. 亚博国际手机版登录后花园品茶微信”I have participated in the translation of 24 Chinese TV series and I feel proud,” she sai d, adding that many of her friends had closer contact with China through the plays she dubbed. Namuundari has been studying Chinese since age six. She returned to her hometown Ulan Bator亚博国际手机版登录后花园 as a Chinese-Mongolian translator after graduation from China’s Beijing InternationalRead More →

Kan Hui was determined not to be late. So she turned up early at 5:30 am to be precise. “I am pr epared. I stayed in a nearby hotel last night and brought food, water and a folding stool,” she said ou亚博国际手机版登录千花坊女神会所 tside the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing’s Shunyi district. 亚博国际手机版登录千花坊It was not fun and games for Kan, 35. This was a serious matter even th ough the object of her planning was to ensure attendance at the Beijing Toy Show, from Au g 16 to 18.Kan was not alone. Hundreds of other well-prepared early birds fo亚博国际手机版登录千花坊女神会所 rmed a long line, snaking outsideRead More →

Despite having six books of his paintings published, he regards himself first and foremost as an architect. These past ye ars of painting have been his own way of researching the relationship between people and space.亚博国际手机版登录后花园女神会所 “I have a clear goal in my painting, which is to ponder the relationship between humans and nature, between human activ 亚博国际手机版登录后花园ities and space… and to address the professional topics of architectural design that I am interested in,” Zeng says. Born in 1982, Zeng grew up in the small city of Yongzhou, Hunan province. Possessing a delic ate constitution as a child, Zeng spent much of his youth sittingRead More →

unced it had issued 5.05 billion shares and raised about 12.57 billion yu an, posting a record for the year on the amount of financing from an IPO on C亚博国际手机版登录千花坊女神会所 hina’s A-share markets, and ranking among the top 30 in the amount raised in its history. 亚博国际手机版登录千花坊The new shares make up around one-tenth of the company’s total. It was issued thr ough a combination of strategic placement and through issuances both offline and online. The eight strategic investors in the company acquired about 50 pe亚博国际手机版登录千花坊女神会所 rcent of the new shares. They include central State-owned companies or their subs 亚博国际手机版登录千花坊idiaries, national-level investment funds or their subsidiaries,Read More →

partment show that the province alone saw a 61-percent grow th in foreign investment to $11.08 billion in the first half of this year.亚博国际手机版登录会所 Foreign-invested projects entailing investment of $50 million or more each surpassed 40. Among the foreign inve 亚博国际手机版登录会所品茶微信1stors in Guangdong province are multinationals such as German chemical giant BASF SE, US-based oil and gas co mpany Exxon-Mobil Corp and consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble Group. From preparing for factory construction to intensifying activities in the field of research and development, global c亚博国际手机版登录会所 ompanies have been accelerating the expansion of their operations across China in recent years, said Chu Shijia, director-general ofRead More →

support for holiday and night economy. Enterprises and their employees are encouraged to flexibly arrange their paid annua l leave to avoid peak times. By 2022, more than 200 national nighttime consumption areas will be established.亚博国际手机版登录419论坛品茶微信 Related departments should support the development of cruise and 亚博国际手机版登录419论坛yacht tourism, theme tourism for intangible cultural heritage, and integrate culture and to urism with modern technology such as 5G and virtual reality, according to the circular. China has been stepping up the use of robots in coal mines to improve mining efficiency and safety.亚博国际手机版登录419论坛 To date, robots have been used in patrolling, picking refuse and nine other situ ations,Read More →

market and those in other Asian countries and the West in the mobile marketing sector? I would say the major difference is that the Chinese market has a lot more potential to grow. The a亚博国际手机版登录419品茶微信 dvanced mobile infrastructure, mature measurement technology, and robust mobile payment cultu 亚博国际手机版登录419re, all put China at the forefront of growth potential for app developers and marketers worldwide. Another important factor I’d like to mention here is our cultural fit. I think Chinese culture and Israeli culture are a good fit because we share many common val亚博国际手机版登录419品茶微信 ues. We have the courage, creativity, and strong enterprising spirit to create something new.Read More →

hina’s southern island province of Hainan said it will ban the sale of gasoline-fueled vehicles by 2030, in a bid to safeguard its environment.亚博国际手机版登录419论坛 All its vehicles used for sanitation, tourist transport and urban-rural p 亚博国际手机版登录419论坛assenger transit will be replaced by new energy vehicles by 2025, according to its plan. Local authorities said they will further improve electric charging networks in the next three to five years to meet the needs of new energy vehicles.亚博国际手机版登录419论坛品茶微信 Taiyuan, capital of North China’s Shanxi province, had its gasoline t axis replaced by electric ones by 2016. Buses in Shenzhen, South China’s Guangdong pro vince, have been electric sinceRead More →

nmental conditions surrounding historical sites and relics have been put into op eration, helping Chinese researchers in their cultural heritage protection endeavors.亚博国际手机版登录千花坊女神会所 Zhao Liangsheng from the Dunhuang Research Academy in northwest China’s Gansu province told Xinhua that the plat 亚博国际手机版登录千花坊form is already in use with a number of preliminary experiments already carried out. Dunhuang was a major city along the ancient Silk Road and boasts a number of cultural and historical attractions, including the caves of the Mogao Grottoes, a UNESCO World Heritage List site.亚博国际手机版登录千花坊女神会所 The laboratories, which received 40 million yuan (5.6 million U.S. dollars) in investment, will contribute to under standing the weatheringRead More →

?far from the one familiar to generations of Chinese, the designers re tained Ne Zha’s clothing style and more importantly, his signature hair buns.亚博国际手机版登录会所 Besides his looks, the way Ne Zha walks by putting his hands into the waist of his trous ers, has also sparked a heated discussion on social media, with many asking if t亚博国际手机版登录会所品茶微信 hat was inspired by Hanamichi Sakuragi, the leading star in Japanese animation series?Slam Dunk. That inspiration has little to do with Sakuragi. On the one ha 亚博国际手机版登录会所nd, we thought this way of walking could add a touch of loveliness to the char acter, bringing him closer to theRead More →