The first tube of the world’s widest immersed channel is expected to be put in position of a mega bridge across the Lin gding Bay at the mouth of the Pearl River in South China soon, according to an assistant chief engineer of the project. Yang Runlai from CCCC First Harbor Engineering Co Ltd said Thursday that workers are preparing for the connection of a tunnel end on an island with the first immersed tube, the Science and Technology Daily reported. Yang’s company took charge of constructing an island and major part of the tunnel of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bri dge, another mega project of bridge,Read More →

the two-way eight-lane tunnel will be the largest and widest in the worl d upon completion. Its tunnel will be 1.2 meters longer and two lanes wider than the HZMB. Yang said the immersed tunnel used the steel shell tube, the first of its kind in China, and there were many other new struct ures and technologies, which brought lots of challenges, such as lack of technical standards in the country. He said the tunnel will have 32 tubes and each tube will have about 10,000 tons of steel, 165 met ers long and with a displacement of about 80,000 tons. Each tube has moreRead More →

China has become the world’s second-largest source of “unicorn companies” accordi ng to the latest report on China unicorn companies by the Evergrande Research Institute. With 88 in total, China is the world’s second-largest source of unicorn compani es following the US with 151. The report cited data from IC Insight gathered between 2013 and Dec 31, 2018. Twenty-two companies worldwide were included as super unicorn companies in 2018 and C hina’s Fintech company Ant Financial ranked first in value worth $150 billion, the report said. The US and China had the greatest number of new sup r unicorns worth $10 billion last year withRead More →

China on Thursday urged the United Kingdom to respect China’s sovereignty and stop interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang made the remarks after the UK government released its latest six-monthly report on Hong Kong. “We urge the UK to face the reality that Hong Kong has returned to China for 22 years, respect China’s s overeignty, stop releasing relevant reports, and stop interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs,” Geng said at a press briefing. It is undeniable that the “one country, two systems” practice has achieved widely-acknowledged success, he said. “Hong Kong’s affairs have been entirely China’s internal affairs since July 1,Read More →

held the original ruling, and said the two companies should stop their infringement immediately. The Shanghai IP Court will further calculate the exact amou nt of compensation that the two Chinese companies should pay to Valeo, accor ding to the verdict. During the first trial, Valeo had requested compensation of 6 million yuan ($893,000). Wednesday’s trial is of great significance as it shows China’s growing efforts in protecting IPR, the top court said in a release. “It shows the country’s strong determination in fighting infringement, and intensif ied judicial protection for IPR and innovation-driven development,” said Ma Yide, an intel lectual property professor from ZhongnanRead More →

m to stumble on the roads. “One year, it was snowing, and I walked more than one hour to the s chool. My colleague helped me half of the way — otherwise, I might have fallen into the gully,” he said. Gao Yangyao, who worked with Gao Ziren for many years, said that “he has difficulty walking, but he is usually the first to come to school.” Gao Ziren’s Mandarin Chinese was not so good in the beginning, and he continued listening to radio broadcasts to improve his pro nunciation. When students had the wrong pronunciation, he would correct them, even when it cost theRead More →

logical environment, allowing the villagers to make a living from the mount ains,” said Ruan, who introduced the medicinal herb to the forest after a thorough investigation. Oaks in the village have rough, thick barks, rich in water and nutrients, making it easier for the dendrobium to attach to the trees and absorb more nutrients. Since 2013, the company has planted dendrobium on the tree trunks of more than 267 hectares of oak forest. For a long time, however, transportation difficulties meant the landloc ked village could not capitalize on its unique ecological advantage. Growing dend robium officinale was something villagers, including 44-year-old Chen Jian,Read More →

eighboring Sichuan province, moved to Dali in 2014. She is among thousands of newcomers who operate guesthouses around Erhai Lake, which offers stunning views that provide an escape from urban life. The 50-year-old, who now wants to leave the city and return to her hometown, said her decision to operate guesthouses in Dali had turned out to be a mistake, as it had left her heavily in debt. She ran a garment company in Chengdu before moving to Dali, and the annual revenue from this business was about 400,000 yuan. She and her family lived quite a good life, she said. Like many of herRead More →

have been launched, and the search area has been expanded from 1.1 square kilometers to 2 km, Cao Lubao, mayor of Yancheng, said at a news conference on Sunday afternoon. He said that more than 4,500 medical workers and 116 ambulances participated in the rescue work. The National Health Commi ssion sent 16 leading experts and Jiangsu sent 65 experts from the province’s renowned hospitals to treat the injured. “As of Sunday noon, 604 victims remain in 16 hospitals. Another 59 people have been discharged after treatment,” he said. Li Shaodong, deputy head of the Jiangsu Commission of Health, said specialized treatment plans have beRead More →

?particularly to prevent polluted water in the chemical park from flowing out. Cao said that thorough inspections have been conducted in chemical plants on the site to prevent further pollution. He said that these plants stored a large amount of chemical substances, and some sulfuric acid and nitric acid was leaked from the storage tanks due to the explosion. “Environmental experts and managers of the chemical park have been summoned to research the water treatment and environmental protection issues,” said Cao. “Details of the categories, amounts and storage methods of chemicals are being careful ly examined and they’ll be handled with great caution to preventRead More →