A northeast police “suspect” about frame to capture video, recently became the source of joy for netizens.Th e video tells the story of heilongjiang province in 2018 red xinglong anti-drug brigade public s ecurity bureau police foiled one drug cases.The case cause red xinglong public security bureau traffic police bri gade seized an unlicensed drivers.After testing found that the drivers smoked meth, it passed to the bra nch of narcotics squad, after the police began to ultimately traced the source of the drug.   In the process of track suspects, through the investigation, the police lock the suspected of drug and the official said.But in oneRead More →

  Tail after enter in 2019, 2019 was born in 89 countrymen will enter the 30 s, and in this last but struggle in the days, 85 after the New Year’s money burden?After the 85 New Year‘s money burden why let people stressed out?Topic is on the hot search list, what on earth are the generation after 85 what suffered during every Spring Festival, will appear such topic?   New Year’s money Li drawing   Interview data related studies show that 37.06% of the 85 surveyed staff for the Spring Festival after spe nding more than four digits, nearly ten percent of the staff need to borrow moneyRead More →

Just the web comprehensive coverage rump on twitter for former starbucks CEO Howard schultz responded to run for P resident.He said on twitter, “Howard schultz didn’t the courage to run for President.Look at his perf ormance last night on “60 minutes”, I quite agree with, he says he is he is not a “wise man”.In addition, the United States ha s a wise man!I only hope, starbucks can continue to give me pay for their rent in the trump tower!” According to a CNN reported previously, a former star bucks CEO Howard schultz, 27, said he was seriously considered in 2020 as a “centrist independent”Read More →

28, according to reports, the famous German teenage magazines BRAVO maga zine recently by readers as the object, “who is your favorite member in bulletproof youth club” the questionnaire surv ey, the questionnaire survey on a total of more than 11000 people, tian 柾 countries b y 2532 votes to get 17% of the vote, become one.At the same time, he also boarded Germany cover “K – Bang admin” hallyu magazine.Overseas hot popularity is proved. Bulletproof youth club live concert film “LOVE YOURSELF IN SEOUL IN South Korea – the United States – such as the UK IN 96 countries around the world more thanRead More →

  Takeaway: “doctor” women with sexual assault case with the new progress of three crimes, the doctor was sentenced to six years in four months   Remember last year chengdu that invade female patients with a doctor?After a few months, his decision finally down.Recently, check the official weibo notice, chengdu shuangliu district peo ple’s procuratorate prosecution that “doctors” women with sexual assault case with the new progress of the criminal sus pect of criminal evidence, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment in accordance with the law.   The victim li mou is a young beautiful women, but there has been a problem bothering her, is how to cure bromhidrosis.Day inRead More →

  As we before the captain of the team, if the wind is one of China’s veteran mem bers of the e-sports, after retirement, he also started the transition between the different roles.For him the m ost important, is probably the e-sports from galloping battle-hardened veteran players for the role of father.If the wind o nce said: “in 2018, I married.In 2018, I became a father.In 2018, and all of you to witness the fathomed LPL grand slam, 2 018, has made some breakthrough and I never want to change.”   For she is doomed to be 2019, the beginning of life change.On January 27, ‘he cRead More →

Bring passengers with cabbage and ticket network video screenshots Recently, the hubei a coach driver was fined 200 yuan for passengers with rad ish cabbage, law enforcement police said “law cannot take goods, green vegetables belong to goods”. After launch, around the traffic police than usual pay more attention to traffic safety.The above events, is probably re lated to attaches great importance to, but this kind of “value” seem overstated, it is no wonder that trigger netizens.In h ubei highway police “mistakes” instead, early January 27 seasonable cancel the un deserved punishment, suspend work, the related police ordered officials to apologize to the parties. ForRead More →

South Korean actress appearance level can say the same, but there are still a lot of appearance level is different from a n ormal star.Remember lee da hae?She was Japanese Korean drama “my girl”, also in China’s development is good, the a udience agreed that is pure goddess, but now a new portrait of her exposure, let the fans did not recognize. Lee da hae made his debut as has more than ten years old Korean stars, have alr eady accumulated a lot of popularity, though not a staggering levels in appearance, but it was because she grew t o a pure face, got aRead More →

Xinhua gaza in January 25 (xinhua Yang Yu anyuan Zhao) Qatar officials announced 25th in the gaza strip, Qatar will put the original plan for the Pal estinian islamic resistance movement (hamas) of $15 million for humanitarian projects in the gaza strip. Qatar reconstruction committee chair man Mohammed armadillo day in the gaza strip, said at a news conference h eld in the gaza strip, hamas leaders tell Qatar, hamas refused to accept the assistance by Israel’s conditions, so de cided to cooperation and coordination with the United Nations, using the money for humanitarian projects in the gaza st rip, including helping poor families, improvementRead More →

On January 22nd, circulated a online interview with sun nan [microblogging] wif e Pan Wei video, video, sun nan wife Pan Wei said three years ago to their children’s education, selected a school fo r the traditional culture of xuzhou, she moved to xuzhou and sun nan to take their children to live in. Attracted by the sun nan couples, the traditional culture of the school is called “ea st China”.Sun nan a couple is in 700 yuan only six rental room, staged “mencius’s mother three times” to send thei r children attended “huaxia east”, has been many netizens questioned in professor “national studies”. TheRead More →