Mao is not easy from the “Son of Tomorrow” this program has been very popular, with “People like me” popularity has increased greatly! From each of his songs, people can deeply feel his sincerity in music creation. When listening to his songs, people always have a special sense of artistic conception. This powerful singer, talent is not only a great close-up of him, but also his shy character is a very important factor for people to remember him! Now there is a place in the entertainment circle, and it is often invited to participate in some variety shows! In the latest variety show “Dear Inn”,Read More →

Every New Year’s Eve is a carnival for TV viewers! Each big satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve party has its own style, and the star line-up is becoming more and more luxurious. While we are excited, there will also be difficulties in choosing, for fear of missing out on the wonderful performances. On December 30, Zhejiang Satellite TV brought the first wave of this year’s “New Year’s Fever”, “National Small Video Leading Concert 2019” to meet with you formally. The whole nation’s small video with Lin Junjie’s Fancy Pink bag, Zhejiang Satellite TV New Year’s Eve to blow up the circle of friends The eveningRead More →

According to public information, Wang Linqing is currently a judge of the Supreme People’s Court, a doctor of law from China University of Political Science and Law, a postdoctoral fellow of finance from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and a postdoctoral researcher of economics from Renmin University of China. Suspected Supreme Court Judge’s Self-Description of “Billions of Mineral Rights Cases”: Confirmation of Files Stolen Recently, a reporter from the in-depth investigation department of the Huaxia Times received a video of Wang Linqing, a suspected judge of the Supreme People’s Court, telling him that he had been the undertaker of the case of Kaiqilai CompanyRead More →

At 7:30 last night, Mr. Zhou entered 85100000 hotline: Qiutao North Road Runxi Road off ramp, a Huzhou bus from south to north, the driver seemed to be in a bad condition, the passengers were panicked, jumped out, some had their hands cut, some had their legs broken, and sent to 117 hospitals. There are about 11 people on the bus. Verification report: From Mr. Zhou’s video, we can see that a Huzhou Governor’s Yun bus, with its door open, the front two pieces of the right window broken and the glass ballasted. The direction of the front of the car is opposite to theRead More →

For the implementation of the new personal income tax policy starting next month, the “personal income tax” APP launched by the State Administration of Taxation has been launched in software stores on major mobile platforms. This new online APP not only includes the popular technology of face recognition, but also the functions of electronic payment and electronic tax refund, which is called “portable electronic tax bureau”. However, the Trojan Horse Virus was detected in the “personal income tax” APP only one day after it came online. According to media reports, 62 samples of camouflaged Trojan horses were detected on the first day of the launchRead More →

Eight years later, Andy Lau held 20 concerts in the Red Pavilion, which made fans very happy. The King of Heaven is the King of Heaven. On the evening of December 28, Andy Lau gave a concert in Hong Kong Red Pavilion. He sang less than three songs and declared the end of the concert because of throat inflammation. Huazi is on stage in a blue dress with tears on his face. It is rare to see a generation of superstars crying like this in public. It must be touching their most painful place to show such uncontrollable performance. He also cried at the sceneRead More →

The trump comedy talk show “Tucao conference 3” continued to be happy and Tucao this Sunday. In this issue, Zhang Jike is the main cafe. There are also “Go genius” Ko Jie, Wang Nan, singer Yuan Chengjie and Zeng Yike who are surprisingly present in the table tennis arena. There are also Li Sheng’s return in this period. Rock, Cheng Lu and Zhang Shaogang continue to sit in town. In the program, Zhang Jike responded to the competition by tearing clothes. Go champion Ko Jie talked about defeating “Alpha Dog” in the war. Zeng Yike was open to doubt. It was said that there wereRead More →

BEIJING, Dec. 28 – Dec. 26, a picture of a female teacher kneeling on a lecture stool to give lectures to students was forwarded in the circle of friends, and netizens praised the professionalism of the teacher’s adherence to the lecture platform. It is reported that the female teacher, Zhang Shuhong, is an English teacher of the third experimental primary school in Ningling County. Because of the soft tissue injury of her right foot, she can’t stand for long on the platform, but she also catches up with the children at the end of the day. She is afraid of delaying the children’s class. SoRead More →

Ruisheng Coffee is a new coffee brand owned by Shenzhou Youche Group. Although it has only been established for less than a year, it has quickly occupied the market through a large number of price subsidies. At present, it has opened 2,000 stores. But in this “burning money” marketing model, Ruisheng coffee has not yet achieved profitability. In the financial data released by this year’s round B financing, we can see that Ruisheng coffee has lost more than 800 million yuan. The official response of Richter said: for the current strategic layout, the loss is in line with the normal expectations. Here we will takeRead More →

Nowadays, more and more star children have entered the entertainment circle, and the second ge neration of stars are also grasping a large number of them. It makes people feel that the threshold to enter the entertainment circle is getting higher and higher. Are there any ways for ordinary people to enter the entertainment circle, either the second generation of stars or the second generation of rich stars? Although there are many second generation stars, there are only a few who can really mix up their own world in the circle. Guo Qilin has always been a concerned star of the second generation. Everyone knowsRead More →